Murray Cochrane

Family Law & Mediation

Phone: 06 769 9400 extn 7 (wk) | 021 300 479 (mobile)


Areas of Practice

  • Family Law: This includes a range of matters involving Relationship Property, Care, Contract and Guardianship issues involving parents and children and also representing children as a court – appointed lawyer.
  • Mediation: He has significant experience mediating and Bank Chambers has excellent facilities to enable that service to be provided. Try him.
  • Mental Health: He has been a district Inspector for Mental Health in Taranaki from 1988 onwards, appointed by the Minister of health

Professional Background

  • Admitted: 1973
  • Partner at Billings 1978 – 2014
  • Consultant at Billings 2015
  • Barrister 2016 onwards

Related Experience

Murray offers a cost-effective option to people seeking way of resolving family and other disputes. He has had significant success through mediation in resolving disputes.

Murray is a LEADR trained mediator and in recent years he upgraded those skills by completing both parts A & B of the New Zealand Law Society/ Massey University Dispute Resolution Centre courses.

He is a accredited Family Specialist on the New Zealand Law Society Panel of Mediators. He is also approved by Fairway to conduct mediations under the government funded Family Dispute Resolution programme.

Often mediation involves the same parent/parent and parent/child and property issues that are dealt with by courts but mediation can also assist in a much broader range of problems.


Murray is often appointed by the Family Court to represent children in cases before that court.

He has been the Taranaki District Inspector for Mental Health for almost 20 years.